About us

Jesus Christ saved us so that we may serve Him to save others! For this purpose He provided us with countless blessings and unlimited power to change the world, He gave us the Holy Spirit to guide and teach us, to give us knowledge and wisdom so that we may become the light of the World! At the Eglise Vivante we believe that God’s Word is taught and expressed better through our actions and our lives; so we encourage all to let their faith shine through their relationships, their work, and their finances … for the glory of the LORD, and for the fulfillment of the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ: TO MAKE OF ALL NATIONS DISCIPLES OF JESUS ​​CHRIST! (Matthew 28: 18-20)

At the Eglise Vivante we proclaim and put the word of God in action by helping many people to pay their school fees, by feeding the hungry, and helping many others to get medical care. We also have a prison ministry, were we visit more than 4000 people: men, women, and children born in prison. When we visit them, we take food, clothes, and toys for the little children.

With approximately 8000 members, the Eglise Vivante grew beyond the capital city, and now has more than 350 churches around Burundi. We also have churches in the bordering countries of Rwanda and DR Congo, and also in Senegal, West Africa.

Your prayers, your support and your love are important to us. We pray that you will be blessed wherever you are. Anytime you visit Bujumbura, please consider visiting us. We will be happy to serve and worship the Lord with you.